Enterprise-grade Salt

SaltStack® Enterprise provides enterprise DevOps and IT operations organizations with the first enterprise-grade customer experience built on the powerful Salt open source platform for IT automation and orchestration. SaltStack Enterprise delivers the most intelligent and performant IT systems management platform for the modern software-defined data center.

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More scalable, secure & usable

SaltStack® Enterprise is powered by Salt open source software but now offers a completely new graphical user interface made possible by the new SaltStack Enterprise Operations Framework. This proprietary API makes Salt even more scalable, secure and usable for enterprise DevOps and IT operations organizations looking to efficiently and cost effectively unlock the full power of Salt orchestration and automation.

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Intelligence first

SaltStack Enterprise is the system management software industry’s first intelligent orchestration for the software-defined data center with the delivery of event-driven automation for natively integrated configuration management, infrastructure security and compliance, and any cloud or container control.

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Salt for enterprise IT operations

The SaltStack Enterprise Operations Framework is substantially differentiated from the open source Salt REST API. The Enterprise Operations Framework manages and coordinates all communications between the new SaltStack Enterprise graphical user interface and all attached Salt Masters and Minions while enabling efficient consumption of massive amounts of Salt-generated data and events. The SaltStack Enterprise Operations Framework is natively integrated with Salt open source software making an in-place upgrade from existing Salt open source implementations to SaltStack Enterprise easy and immediate.

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Integrated control of any cloud or container

  • Software-defined hybrid cloud infrastructure;
  • Cloud management platform with native configuration management built in;
  • Multi-cloud orchestration including IBM, AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack & many more;
  • Orchestration and introspection for Docker and LXC containers.

Compliance Solution for infrastructure security

  • Instant audits of infrastructure security policies;
  • Intelligent and automated security remediation;
  • Persistent policy enforcement and compliance checks.

Intelligent, scalable configuration management

  • Full-stack application orchestration;
  • Continuous code integration & deployment;
  • Automated configuration drift detection and remediation;
  • DevOps workflow (Puppet, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Git, etc.)

SaltStack Enterprise Benefits


  • Built for scale and proven in the largest, most complex enterprise and Web-scale data centers;
  • Scalability and redundancy through a new multi-master architecture;
  • Efficient data consumption through event aggregation and data filtering;
  • Support for AIX, Solaris, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux;
  • From small to large, Salt runs agentless or with a persistent agent.
  • Asyncronous automation and orchestration;
  • The fastest infrastructure control.

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  • Built for large enterprise team managing complex infrastructures;
  • Proven in the largest enterprise and Web-scale data centers;
  • An integrated database with encrypted sensitive data and auditable system activity, users and tasks;
  • Role-based access control with LDAP integration;
  • Auditable job history with reusable jobs and persistent targets.

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Easy & Economical

  • New graphical user interface with dashboards, reports and point and click usability;
  • An exclusive, curated content library;
  • Integrations with enterprise IT solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nutanix, ServiceNow, SUSE, VMware and Zenoss;
  • All the benefits of Salt open source innovation packaged and tested for enterprise consumption;
  • Dedicated, prioritized SaltStack support unique to SaltStack Enterprise customers.
  • Low administrative and operational cost;
  • One automation platform for configuration management, DevOps orchestration, cloud and container control, infrastructure security compliance.

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Subscription type: Subscription based on managed nodes or systems in a customer environment.
Annual subscription price: Contact us
Users: Enterprise IT and data center operators / Systems administrators / DevOps / Site reliability engineers / Cloud architects / VPs and directors of IT / CTOs
Support: Exclusive access to SaltStack Enterprise support included with subscription.
Consulting services: Exclusive access to SaltStack consulting services.
Training: Remote and in-person training options can be included with a SaltStack Enterprise subscription.