Salt Open

The most intelligent, powerful and flexible open source software for remote execution, configuration automation, cloud control and event-driven orchestration

Salt is open source software for modern IT automation. The Salt open source project was created in 2012 and today is used by tens of thousands of DevOps and enterprise IT organizations to automate the management of data center infrastructure and application environments. Originally built to provide command and control of massive, complex technology implementations, Salt is also used for small, simple use cases. Salt is now the most intelligent, powerful and flexible open source software for remote execution, configuration automation, cloud control and event-driven orchestration of the most challenging DevOps and IT ops tasks.

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Salt Remote Execution

Scalable, asyncronous data center command and control

The Salt platform was originally built as an extremely fast and powerful remote execution engine allowing users to execute commands on thousands of remote systems in milliseconds. All Salt functions leverage the asyncronous control of Salt remote execution and it is utilized by both agent-based Salt and agentless Salt SSH.

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Salt Configuration Automation

The most scalable, flexible and intelligent configuration management

SaltStack delivers the most scalable, flexible and intelligent solution by leveraging SaltStack event-driven orchestration and remote execution for configuration management that fits the way you think or your unique use case. SaltStack configuration automation was built from the ground up on the Salt remote execution engine and utilizes a master and minion architecture. Salt SSH is also available for an agentless solution to light-weight problems that don’t require persistent, intelligent agents.

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Salt Cloud Control

Provision, control and configure cloud infra

Salt Cloud provides a powerful interface to interact with and provision cloud hosts and hypervisors. New cloud instances and virtual machines are automatically connected to your Salt Master for full Salt control and ongoing management. Salt Cloud abstracts Salt command and control across more than two dozen different public and private cloud providers.

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Salt Event-Driven Orchestration

The only systems management platform with built-in intelligence for secure, scalable and efficient IT operations

Salt is built around an event infrastructure that can consume system events and drive reactive provisioning, configuration and automation tasks across all systems in an infrastructure. The Salt event-driven orchestration system monitors and enables Salt events, monitors activities and events from third-party systems, and triggers powerful and intelligent reactions based on consumed events.

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Salt Agent or Agentless

The only systems management platform to run in either agent or agentless mode

The power of Salt is available in both the traditional agent-based architecture or in agentless mode with Salt SSH. Use Salt SSH to run Salt commands on a system without installing a Salt minion with the only requirements on the remote system being SSH and Python.

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