Intelligent orchestration for the software-defined data center

SaltStack Enterprise and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server together are the preferred IT automation software stack recommended and supported by SUSE and SaltStack. With both SaltStack Enterprise and SUSE Manager 3 built on the Salt open source platform, SUSE and SaltStack together deliver the best-managed enterprise Linux environment and the most intelligently orchestrated software-defined data center. Increased collaboration is underway to further develop upstream contributions to the Salt open source project for intelligent orchestration of the SUSE enterprise portfolio in addition to third-party cloud, container and storage resources.


SaltStack Enterprise and SUSE Manager 3 are both powered by Salt and have been purpose built to manage and secure different but complementary elements of the enterprise data center. The combination provides an extensive systems management portfolio for any customer requirement.

SUSE Manager is powerful open source software helping SUSE enterprise IT customers reduce complexity and regain control of IT assets, and ensure compliance with internal security policies and external regulations. SUSE Manager 3 added Salt for real-time, scalable configuration management for SUSE Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.

SaltStack Enterprise extends and enhances the capabilities of SUSE Manager 3 by automating the management of virtually all data center resources, including cross-platform support for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, and just about any cloud infrastructure. SaltStack Enterprise also supports large multi-master environments at massive scale, in addition to providing enterprise-grade features.

Tyson Foods is an early adopter of systems management solutions from both SaltStack and SUSE. Now with the integration provided by SUSE and SaltStack, we are better positioned to provide the level of automation required and system conformity needed for a fast-paced and growing datacenter infrastructure. Their combined efforts are allowing us to save time and effort in maintaining our increasingly complex and mission-critical business systems.

Patrick Swartz, Tyson Foods lead technical analyst/Linux

SaltStack and SUSE are two of the best companies with some of the best developers around, and they both understand how to build and participate in open source communities.

Drew Adams, OpenX site reliability engineer

Enterprises are looking to improve not just operational efficiency and IT productivity, but also business productivity. They need to deal with scale, complexity and time-to-market pressure. This SUSE-SaltStack collaboration holds the promise of delivering a broad and sophisticated set of automation and orchestration capabilities across complex data center environments, thus providing real business value. This puts them in a strong position to demonstrate leadership in this space.

Mary Johnston Turner, IDC Research vice president for enterprise system management software

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SaltStack and SUSE together


  • Deliver intelligent orchestration for the software-defined data center;
  • Provide enterprise IT with the best managed Linux environment;
  • Deliver event-driven cloud and data center environments through the intelligent provisioning of any infrastructure or application stack;
  • Develop upstream Salt for intelligent orchestration of the SUSE enterprise portfolio in addition to third-party cloud, container and storage resources;
  • Automate deployment, day-two control, security and compliance for enterprise DevOps and IT operations.