What is Salt?

SaltStack takes a new approach to infrastructure management by developing software that is easy enough to get running in seconds, scalable enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, and fast enough to control and communicate with them in milliseconds. SaltStack delivers a dynamic infrastructure communication bus used for orchestration, remote execution, configuration management and much more. The Salt Open project was launched in 2011 and today is the fastest-growing, most-active infrastructure orchestration and configuration management open source project in the world. The SaltStack community is committed to keeping the Salt Open project focused, friendly, healthy and, of course, truly open.

Download Salt

Never has this much power for event-driven orchestration and automation been so readily available for the management of complex infrastructure and application environments at scale. Salt Open is tested and packaged to run on CentOS, Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows. Register for access to the Salt Open software package repository to download the latest release of Salt Open.

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SaltStack Support

Access to the SaltStack Support organization is only available to SaltStack Enterprise customers. Learn more about several SaltStack Support tiers for any SaltStack Enterprise implementation.

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Engage Salt

Salt on Slack or IRC

Join the vibrant, helpful and friendly SaltStack workspace in Slack which includes many SaltStack working groups on various Salty topics, or participate in the chat room in Freenode at #salt. We usually have several hundred folks participating in these groups at any one time. There is no need to introduce yourself, or ask permission to join in. Just help and be helped. Alternatively, learn more about SaltStack Support if you require prioritized and dedicated access to the Salt brain trust.

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SaltStack Mailing List

The SaltStack community users’ mailing list is hosted by Google groups. Anyone can post to it and ask questions about SaltStack, and anyone can help answer. Alternatively, learn more about SaltStack Support if you require prioritized and dedicated access to the Salt brain trust.

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SaltStack User Groups

SaltStack has a vibrant and global community of customers, users, developers and enthusiasts. Connect with other Salted folks in your area of the world. If you would like to start a SaltStack meetup in your area of the world please first check the list below to see if a group already exists, and then visit http://www.meetup.com/pro/saltstack/ for instructions to create a new meetup chapter. Include SaltStack as an organizer of your chapter through Meetup.com and we’ll pay the monthly dues.

Learn Salt

SaltStack Docs

Whether you are a SaltStack expert or this is your first time, SaltStack provides just the right amount of documentation for your needs. Visit the SaltStack getting started guide to start at the top, or dive into advanced SaltStack concepts with dynamic SaltStack documentation.

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Books about SaltStack are also available (no implied endorsement):

SaltStack Training

Get access to proprietary SaltStack® education offerings through instructor-led training offered on-site, virtually or at SaltStack headquarters in Salt Lake City. SaltStack training helps increase the value and effectiveness of SaltStack Enterprise or Salt Open software for any customer and is a prerequisite for SaltStack Certified Engineer (SSCE) status. SaltStack training is also available through SaltStack professional services and support offerings.

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SaltStack on YouTube

The SaltStack YouTube channel provides Salt demos, user case studies and many helpful presentations from conferences like SaltConf. Join about 2000 subscribers and watch Salt Air episodes for the very latest on SaltStack software development including new product releases and tutorials.

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Develop Salt

SaltStack on GitHub

The SaltStack development team is open, encouraging and dedicated to helping people get new code and fixes into SaltStack projects. Check out SaltStack on GitHub  and start hacking with one of the largest, and most-active open source developer communities in the world.

Salt Open users and SaltStack Enterprise customers that require support should consider the most appropriate engagement path based on the specific issue and an existing SaltStack Support subscription. Learn more about SaltStack Support if you require prioritized and dedicated access to the Salt brain trust.

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