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Event-driven IT automation


Intelligent automation for a software-defined world

Automate security policy enforcement.

Proactively protect your digital infrastructure from Spectre, Meltdown, and whatever comes next.

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SaltStack® Enterprise intelligent automation for a software-defined world is built on the powerful foundation of Salt for event-driven security, cloud and configuration management. SaltStack Enterprise makes Salt even more scalable and consumable for complex enterprise IT environments.


SaltStack software manages heterogeneous computing environments, orchestrates any cloud and automates deployment of just about any infrastructure and software stack used to create modern cloud, enterprise IT and Web scale.


SaltStack offers several support tiers in addition to expert consulting services to SaltStack Enterprise customers for optimized new implementations and complex data center transformation projects.


Attend a SaltStack training course and get access to SaltStack education offerings through on-site or virtual, instructor-led training courses.


The SaltStack certification program provides quality assurance to SaltStack customers looking for the best SaltStack consultants, administrators and partners.


SaltStack was built to manage complex, large-scale enterprise data center environments. Utilize SaltStack documentation to get the most out of SaltStack intelligent automation for the most secure and efficient computing systems.

“SaltStack builds on intelligent orchestration to continue enterprise DevOps growth”

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