SaltStack Support has been a big help to the Sterling Backcheck automation team. We were provided with an incredible level of guidance to address the issues we were having with our SaltStack implementation. The response we received was perfect for both the experts and the newer engineers on our team.

Tyler Jones, Sterling Backcheck platform automation and Linux engineer

The quality of SaltStack Support has been fantastic. Kudos to the SaltStack team for their assistance and support!

Ron Sawtelle, University of Rochester Medical Center enterprise systems AIX analyst

SaltStack Support addressed all of my questions with easy to understand instructions on how to resolve our SaltStack orchestration process. Time and again, the SaltStack Support team is quick and accurate in their assistance to the Trion Worlds operations team. SaltStack continues to impress.

Michael Ford, Trion Worlds system integration engineer

The SaltStack Support team took great care of us. Thank you for the help!

Robert Hough, NextGear Capital DevOps engineer

Get access to the brain trust: Direct, prioritized access to the SaltStack brain trust which includes members of the SaltStack support, quality assurance, and engineering teams, and the core Salt Open development team.

Optimized for unique SaltStack requirements: SaltStack Support packages are built to help any SaltStack Enterprise customer receive right-sized technical assistance and best-practice guidance. Support is available for a SaltStack proof of concept, or any dev, test or production SaltStack environment.

A holistic SaltStack experience: SaltStack Support is offered via three packages for any size of IT organization or SaltStack support requirement. SaltStack combines SaltStack Support, professional services and education components for maximum assurances and knowledge transfer.

Request a quote for a SaltStack Enterprise license with a support tier to fit your company’s needs.

Management of complex infrastructure and application environments at scale is difficult even with the smartest people and the best tools. SaltStack® Enterprise software combined with SaltStack Support can help your team deliver full orchestration, automation and control of any digital infrastructure.

SaltStack Support is offered through a SaltStack Enterprise subscription license and is available in several right-sized tiers outlined below. Get prioritized access to the SaltStack brain trust for troubleshooting, bug fixes, knowledge transfer and best practice guidance to optimize any SaltStack implementation. SaltStack Support offerings can help increase the value and effectiveness of any SaltStack Enterprise implementation by offering fast-lane access to the SaltStack team that created and maintains Salt software.

Pick the SaltStack Support tier best suited for your needs and we’ll help you optimize your infrastructure. Support packages are offered with SaltStack Enterprise annual subscriptions and are priced according to customer requirements. Request a quote for SaltStack Enterprise with support.

SaltStack Support ComponentsTeam TierCorporate TierGlobal Tier
Community portal accessYesYesYes
Contact channelEmailEmail, Phone (business hours)Email, Phone (24x7)
After hours escalationNoNoYes
Authorized contactsTwoFiveTen
Annual ticket limitFiveTenUnlimited
Product maintenance and upgradesYesYesYes

Request a quote for a SaltStack Enterprise license with a support tier to fit your company’s needs.